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Services And Rates

We are highly trained therapists providing many styles and levels of bodywork and massage therapy. From lighter, relaxation and getting acclimated to the environment all the way to deep structural integration rehabilitation work, we have a style and pressure to suit your needs.

Massage therapy and recovery bodywork session of 60 or 90 minutes.

We set up at your home or vacation rental. Create a spa experience with convenience. Taking extra precautions for your safety and ours - We love setting up outdoors, or in large well-ventilated rooms with large doors or windows. Out on the patio or deck is perfect!


Outcall or in home services are a 90 minute or 2x 60 minutes minimum.

90 minutes Massage or Bodywork   $240                                                   60 minutes   $160 per hour - $300 for 2 hours

Movement and Postural Consultation  $120                                               50-60 minute sessions




We have shoulder season specials and package deals for frequent clients

We do relaxation massage, deep tissue, sports recovery, shiatsu and many other styles of massage therapy. We customize each session to your requests. Let us know what you kind of work you need. 

We are both qualified therapists in

- Injury Recovery

- Lymphatic techniques

- Movement & Structural Bodywork

- Anatomy & Physiology

- Pathology

- Sports Massage

- Reflexology

- Cranial-Sacral Therapy

and many other techniques and modalities

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